Crafty Girls With Big Ideas

As I mentioned last week, the Crafty Girls are putting together a book of crafts of their own creation.
Last Friday, I had the second group: PCJL, Storyteller, Good With Words, and My Girl (she was my helper for the session). The girls in the second group had some interesting ideas. The drawing above is by Storyteller. Meet Mr. Man, a mysterious character that's nobody's fool. The red scar near his left eye is the result of some untold adventure and Mr. Man is always prepared for a quick getaway. He comes with a triangle hat and "pack" pack, though I think that Storyteller meant backpack. But who knows for sure. Knowing Storyteller, she might have a reason why it's really called a "pack" pack rather than a backpack.

Good With Words drew a detailed diagram of her recycled bottle piggy bank:

I was completely knocked out by this drawing. Okay, I'm still unclear how exactly she's going to get that tail to coil up like a spring, but she's definitely got everything figured out.

PCJL already started making her denim jean lunch bag project. That kid really knows what she wants to do and how she wants to do it. I have pictures on my camera of the craft that I have yet to download. She's way ahead of everyone else, including me. I'm struggling to keep up.

This week we are going to write and take photos of each kid's finished craft. We have less than a month until Carnival, but I'm feeling really good about our progress.

Stay tuned!