Embroidery Bits

I guess you can say that I like to embroider. But here's the thing: I really can't.
I rely mainly on the running stitch and only know how to do 3 other types of stitches (and 2 of them I can never remember the names of). So when people ask me if I embroider, I say "Yes" but it's always followed by a question mark.


Here are some examples of things I've done:

I know, what the heck is it? 
I embroidered this orange carton and then decided it would be a purse for a little girl named Jamie. Hmm, is this a craftfail? Jamie didn't think so, but then again she's a very forgiving 4th grader.

This is a doodle drawing that I did with my kids during a recent trip to London. That's my lame version of Big Ben. I tried to embroider Van Gogh-like swirls to cover up my poor artistry. It graces the cover of a book bag we use to hold all our trip memorabilia.

Sometimes I do get the embroidery thing right. Here are two bags that I made.

Not bad, I know. Not practical, either.

And, of course, there's my New York City cork board. I only embroidered Manhattan and Brooklyn because they are the two boroughs that I actually lived in. And that 3rd piece of cork on the upper right corner is the little village that I currently live in--which is in Westchester county, but who's really counting, right?

Maybe one day I'll actually learn how to properly embroider. Right now, I'll still answer the "do you embroider?" question with a uncertain "Yes?"