A Crafty Ending

We had our last Crafty Girls meeting last Friday. Can you guess that we had ourselves a little ole par-tay?
Dancing Girl swigging back a bit of the swill...okay, she's just pretending. And because I asked her to. I just thought her little champagne glass was too cute to pass up this photo op.

We got a little crazy with the mummy game. Oh, do you know what the mummy game is? Well, let me tell you, it involves a lot of toilet paper. I tried using the Seventh Generation brand so I wouldn't feel so guilty about the waste. Don't worry, no one suffocated!

The gal on the right (with her head sufficiently wrapped) is TGYH. I'm not sure who the person on the right is.
We were celebrating the end of our Spring crafting season and a job well done. The girls finished their book and I was able to print and bind 24 copies. We had 10 to keep and 14 to sell at our school's carnival. Here are pictures of some of the craft projects that appeared in our book.

Thrifty Piggy Bank drawing by Good With Words.

Good With Words holding her finished Thrifty Piggy.

Drawing of the elephant pinata by No Socks. She originally wanted to make a monkey, but changed her mind later on.

The finished elephant pinata. And yes, there's candy in it!

Singing Girl's Wacky Doll design. Meet Pablo S.

The finished Pablo S. Ain't he somethin'??

Go, Crafty Girls! You made me proud this year.