Sew It Begins: The Beach Towel Bag

My sewing machine Kenmore has become demanding and a bit verbally abusive. I guess you could call it a diva.

But I try to keep calm and do what it wants.

Today Kenmore wanted to transform an old beach towel into a bag. But there was a problem: my daughter Masana LOVED this old beach towel. And she wasn't so keen on letting it go. So she tried to show Kenmore that the old beach towel still had some use left in it.

Masana finally relented and gave up the old beach towel. 

In no time, Kenmore whipped out not only one bag but two. It was very proud of itself. And Masana was extremely happy with the results. In fact, she wanted to give Kenmore her beloved monkey pillow.

But Masana just couldn't take no for an answer. And she presented Kenmore with her beloved monkey pillow named Tunkey.

Tunkey quickly became quite attached to Kenmore--maybe a bit too attached. 

And sew it begins...