Finding My Inner Bob Villa

Well, it's more like finding my inner Martha, or in this case "Not Martha," a wonderful website that contains a lot of helpful home improvement tutorials for crafty individuals like myself. This is the floating shoe rack that I became obsessed with two weeks ago, after concluding that I would have to chuck my store-bought wire shoe rack.
As much as I tried to make the wire shoe rack work, it was more of a health hazard because it was too big to fit in yet another useless little nook and everyone kept tripping over it.The front entrance of my "charming" old house doesn't have a coat closet and is too narrow to hold cubbies.

After 5 years of fearing my power tools, I decided to make my own shoe rack. A quick trip to Home Depot for the supplies proved empowering, and now I can drill a hole into my walls without flinching.

Here is my version of Not Martha's floating shoe rack:

Thank you, Not Martha!