Lately, I've been going around my house and picking fights with my furniture.
This is what happens when I have too much free time on my hands. Suddenly, I notice the lack of color in a particular corner of a room, bemoan my bad decision over the style of pillows I bought over a year ago, or discover that the chair in my sun room is woefully uncomfortable. I start to shop online, visit thrift shops, or (close your ears, Dave) drive to the mall.

I begin to want a LOT of stuff.

But this is where the crafty side of me starts to say, "Hey, dummy, don't you have those cans of leftover paint in the basement?"

So one of the solutions to this urge to change my environment is to make stencils and paint.

This is a Victorian pattern I found online (though I can't remember where). I printed it out and cut out the pattern on a piece of double-sided mylar.

And this is the butterfly and snail I drew and cut out of mylar:

And this is the radiator cover I painted today:

So you might be wondering where I put the snail:

Where we put the SNAIL mail, of course!

My next little decorating project might involve a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver, and a lot of patience. Well, not my patience. More like my kids' and Dave's. Let's hope they still love me after the smoke clears.