Day Fifty Three: "Save Me"

Decisions, decisions. Me searching for jamon iberico in Madrid, 1995.

"An eager desire; a craving; a morbid appetite; an earnest wish; an aspiration."

Longing is not an easy emotion, especially when you feel it and don't know how to deal with it.

So what do I long for? There are so many things, like a continuous peace, a calm mind, and a restful night. But what I most desire is for someone to come out of the shadows and guide me through the minefield my life has become. I'm stuck with one foot in the air and I don't know where to take my next step.

I spoke with a friend today who lost her Mom a few years ago and realized this feeling of longing is going to stick around for a while. This scares me because I just don't know if certain people in my life can take much more of my sadness. Heck, I don't know how much more I can take of my own sadness.

Here is the next song in my mixed tape by Aimee Mann, the queen of sensitive sad music. The title says it all.

Ugh! Get ready to get depressed.

6. Save Me/Aimee Mann