Day Forty Six: A Song for Simpler Times

Simpler Times. The name says it all.

I was walking through my local Trader Joe's supermarket when I noticed the canned lager above. With a name like that, who could resist?  So I bought a six pack.

I honestly wouldn't recommend it to any beer afficionados out there, but sometimes our impulse buys are more about the irony of the moment than the actual quality of the product. 

Yesterday I was cycling through my husband's iPod and found Daniel Powter's "Had a Bad Day." It was my son Mack's favorite song when he was four years old, the only song that he wanted to hear over and over again. As cute as it was the first thousand times he belted out the lyrics, we had had enough and uploaded the song onto the iPod for his sole listening pleasure. When I re-discovered the song, it made me think of how simple it is to make kids happy. All they need is something to wrap their emotion around, like a song. When Mack is older, he'll hear his song and feel that twinge of nostalgia. These are his simpler times.

Today is the two month anniversary of my Mom's death. I'm listening to "Had a Bad Day." And I just might head to Trader Joe's for more Simpler Times.