Day Thirty Five: Secret Notes

A little note from Masana and Mack.
Today will be a quick post.

Every Sunday for the past 4 weeks, I take a mid-afternoon nap. For 90 minutes, I finally succumb to the exhaustion of putting on a happy face for my family, which is kind of ridiculous since they can see right through it. (So why even try, right?) I sit on the couch with a tepid cup of coffee and read the newspaper. But the sounds of Dave and the kids rambling about put me at ease, and I doze off, half crouched among random sections of the New York Times. When I wake up, I'm sweaty and paranoid. Did I miss something really important? Was the phone ringing? Did I spill my coffee? Where is everyone? Why is there newsprint stuck on my thighs?

Yesterday, I fell asleep as per my usual routine. But instead of waking up paranoid (though still sweaty), I was curious. Masana and Mack were giggling in the distance and shushing each other. I found the note above, and inside that note were these drawings:

Sympathy notes from my kids and their "pets."

My kids never cease to amaze me. I really do try to act "normal" around them. No one wants to be around a sad, angry person, right? But Masana and Mack are not fools, and they can sense when someone, especially their own mother, is putting on an act.

There are days when our kids test the limits of our patience and understanding with their selfishness. And then there are days when they blow us away with their acts of kindness and compassion.

Yesterday, I was blown away.