Day Eight Two: Maker Faire NYC Part One

This pic is kinda grey and dreary. The day started off with a bit of overcast.
Today was the first day of Maker Faire NYC at the New York Hall of Science .

My friend and I took our lovely daughters along for the ride. Here are some pictures of our day:

Yes, you read the sign correctly. It's a Life Size Mousetrap.

Oh, my...

This was sorta scary and intimidating. But then...
Hmm. More bark than bite. And it was really fun!

Yes, you can fly a remote control plane.

Aforementioned plane.

Flight instructor. I liked his jumpsuit and my friend liked his hipster shades. 

A couple of things that caught my attention:

Dan Tesene 's collection of objects made of high density gypsum composite, silicone, beeswax, plaster, urethane, and plastic/rubber. His work can be seen at Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn (54 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11206).

Dan is best known for his labor intensive drawings and intricate sculptures that "transform mundane patterns and information into conceptually rich images." I absolutely love his work, so go check it out if you can.

Adam Matta and his bicycle wheel scratching machine. Adam is a human beat box performer that completely hypnotized my daughter and her friend. And he was a really nice guy. Thanks, Adam.

Did I mention that there was a chariot race? Yep. Here are two gold-clad charioteers.

My daughter and her friend had a terrific day.


My friend and I also had a great time. And we got a little hipster chic with our temporary tattoos. 

Until tomorrow...