Day Eighty One: Party's Over

The playroom moments after the last guest left. 
My girl had herself one rockin' birthday party.

The hangout spot. They had a karaoke machine and played truth or dare.

What a mess. They had bowls of lollipops and Starburst candies.
Graffiti zone. They wrote on the floor and the columns.

Nail salon...and glue? Really, girls?

We decorated cupcakes to look like pink flamingoes or apples.
The flamingo wings are on the left.

These are the flamingo heads that the girls put on top of their cupcakes.

Another view of the cupcakes. Candy bowls and colored sugar are in the center.
Okay, the brown bag craft went well, but I forgot to take pictures of the girls' finished wallets. I totally goofed. But can you blame me? I'm one tired woman. Crawled into bed at 6am, only for Masana to wake me up at 7:20am. She was so excited to start her day and I didn't want to be grumpy on her special day.

So just imagine a really cool wallet with a handle and a Velcro closure, decorated with painted paper flowers and maybe a butterfly or two.

Happy Birthday, Masana. I love you.