Day Seventy Eight: Making Stuff

Today was a crafty day.

For starters, I painted a brown paper bag with white acrylic paint. It took a few coats on both sides of the paper to get the effect I wanted, but I wasn't in any rush. When the paint dried, I cut out the flower petals with my trusty craft knife. It left a really pretty pattern, but I don't know if I can use it.

I assembled the petals on a piece of brown paper that I was saving for something I couldn't quite figure out at the time. I had the foresight to sew some lines across the paper, but wasn't inspired to make anything with it. But with the petals on top, it started to take shape. I sewed the petals into a flower--I'm not sure, but I'd like to think this was a chrysanthemum.

Found an old rayon scarf to use as a lining on the backside.

And guess what I made?

A little beeswax on the outside and I'm ready to show off my latest creation.

So who's going to Maker Faire in NYC this weekend? If you are, then maybe you'll see me sportin' my new brown bag tote...