Day Seventy Two: Old Yeller 

I just yelled at my kids for not putting their homework away. And the funny thing is that I quite enjoyed it.

Of course, this was after asking them multiple times between dinner and bath time to please put away their homework. When I spotted Mack's folder on the floor, and then his notebook trailing after it, one could actually hear something break inside my head. Call it my will to live, or maybe my sanity. The walls shook in this old house, and I'm sure that my neighbors heard my shrieks. After all, the windows are wide open.

Mack and Masana are now angels sitting on the couch and watching the Yankees play Tampa Bay on television. They still love me. After my little fit of hysteria, my head feels lighter and the muscles in my shoulders are loose. And guess where their homework is? In their backpacks, which are neatly hung up on their designated hooks. I'm eyeballing the leftover bottle of wine from dinner a few nights ago, a victory glass before turning in for the night.

Can I recommend a good scream for letting out some frustration and anger?

I don't want to be that screaming mom we loathe and point at while shopping for groceries. No, no, she's a bad role model. But maybe--just maybe--a good scream every now and then is all you need to keep it together. I can go in my closet and howl at my winter sweaters, or the basement where I can stick my head in the empty dryer and shout it out.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Stay tuned for my next episode of Old Yeller...