Day Sixty Four: First Day of School

Today was the first day of the new school year for both of my kids. Hallelujah!
The three weeks between the end of summer camp and the start of school has been the longest three weeks of my life. I love my children, but they are loud at the most inappropriate moments, hungry every 20 minutes, and constantly in need of a referee. I am exhausted.

So when Mack wanted to wear his France soccer jersey that's two sizes too small and ripped at the collar, I didn't complain. And when Masana wanted to wear a skirt that's she's worn every day for the last three days, I looked the other way. I fed the kids a less than nutritious breakfast, took an extra long shower, put on a pretty dress, and wore lip gloss. We left a little early and walked to school in the sunshine. Nothing would ruin my first day--I mean, the kids' first day--back at school.

As soon as we dropped them off, Dave and I lingered in the school yard. And wouldn't you know it: I suddenly I became sad. Where was all the commotion that surrounded my life for the last three weeks? Where was the whining and tattle-taling, the begging for 5 more minutes on the computer, the shower of kisses for the extra scoop of ice cream after dinnertime? I missed their little bodies in motion, running around me like a maypole. I looked at Dave hoping that he would get loud at an inappropriate moment and then ask me for a snack. But since he's not much of a talker or an eater, I had to wait until pick-up time for my fix.

Oh, to be a mom...