Day Sixty Nine: Peter Luger

Today we brought the kids to Peter Luger Steak House for lunch.

While we weren't really into having a heavy porterhouse steak in our bellies, we did enjoy their hamburgers. It ain't Shake Shack, but it's a pretty darn good burger.

However, the best part of our little Brooklyn outing was my daughter's interest in my camera. These are some of the shots she took:

This was the first time I let Masana play around with my camera and she took 100(!) shots. I edited some of them out for bad light, redundant image, or unknown--and irate--person in frame. But she really understood how to use it.

My Mom used to let me do a lot of things that I won't allow my own daughter to do, like cook on the stovetop unsupervised or use the sewing machine. Of course, I had two older sisters to break my Mom in. But today I think that I finally understood what it means to let go and trust your kid. It felt good and I know that Masana wore a smile on her face until her head hit the pillow at night.

I have to do this more often, you know?

Oh, Masana. I love you.