Day Eight Nine: Clown School

It's been a hectic weekend.

But instead of feeling accomplished with all the "stuff" that we did, I am left feeling a little cheated. Where did the time go?

My kids have social and sports-related obligations that supersede everything else, which sometimes include sleep (my sleep, not theirs--I'm not that neglectful). So my projects that were progressing nicely during the week came to an abrupt halt early Saturday morning. And Dave and I became chaperones and chauffeurs for their various appointments. Football. Girl Scouts. Play dates. Birthday parties.

There is never enough time to do everything. Whenever the weekend sneaks up on us, I am ever hopeful that one of my kids will turn around and say, "You know what? I really don't want to go to ___'s birthday party. Can I just hang out with you, Mom?" But it never happens.

This morning over eggs and and orange juice, my son Mack asked me what college I went to. I jokingly replied, "Clown School."

Because that's what it takes to be a parent these days, to be a master juggler and all around clown, happy on the outside and a little sad right beneath the surface.