Day Ninety Eight: Norma Fabian, Chronic Shopper

This was the last bag that my Mom ever gave me--which is not to say that I didn't recently procure a "Mom" bag.

Back in July, I sorta "borrowed" the orange bag below:

It's a typical Mom bag because it was a freebie that came with a Lancome makeup purchase. And my Mom was a chronic shopper, her favorite store being Macy's. If I close my eyes, I can see her perusing the makeup counters just for the freebies. Oh, Mom...

She was fond of giving me bags, which I can't seem to have enough of. These are just a few that somehow found their way into my closet over the years:

Some were bags she found during her many vacations to the Philippines. The others were either gifts that she didn't want or things that she bought for no one in particular. (She did that often, buying things for the sake of a great deal or just because it was, as she put it, simply "too cute.")

I used to feel guilty about taking her bags, but then I realized that she also collected watches, hats, bracelets, and all kinds of accessories and clothing. What exactly was she doing with all of those little items? She was giving them to my sisters, of course. Or her grandchildren. Or her siblings. Or her friends. Or...It was endless.

That was my Mom. Retail therapy always made her happy.