Day Ninety Five: Her Hats

My Mom had quite the hat collection.
I really don't like to wear hats, but I am hoping that one day I'll wake up and discover my hat-wearing gene has gone dominant on me.  I have four of my Mom's hats: the one above and the three below.

The main reason why I don't wear hats is because I think my head is misshapen, though my husband says I'm crazy. Honestly, he says that about a lot of things that I say, so I mostly ignore his grand conclusions of my premature dementia.

Well, I know for certain that my skull is quite flat in the back, which makes ponytail- and headband-wearing almost impossible. But I suspect my left side is not as rounded as my right side. The only way I can verify this is to make a plaster cast of my skull and that would require shaving off my hair. Which I won't do. Because that's crazy!

Back to my Mom's hats. She wore a hat every day for many reasons, one being her short, thin hair. But her hat collection was part of the accessories she amassed once she retired: scarves, necklaces, watches, and unnecessary bling. It made her happy to have a closet full of pretty things because most of her life she didn't have much. And, boy, did my Mom deserve it!

I'm hoping one day I can wear these hats with big Jackie O. sunglasses and a silk scarf around my neck. But I don't feel sophisticated to pull off that look. So for the time being, I'll play dress up with my daughter and we'll use them to accessorize our chic outfits.

Maybe one day I'll grow up and feel like I deserve to wear them, misshapen head and all.