Day Ninety One: Looking Like Something


Well? Does it look like something yet?

This map is the land of my youth, the part of Brooklyn that I grew up in. I know that many of you were wondering where I was going with this...this...THING. It's weird. It's unconventional. It's a goddamn map made of cork. But it means a lot to me for many reasons.

For one thing, nostalgia is a happy place. I don't think anyone can argue with this. Even if you can realistically recall some bad moments in your history, the overall effect of perusing the yellowed photographs of yesteryear is that the past is a golden era. We bask in the warmth of the colors even if they bleed a little.

Another reason why I am hellbent on getting this thing done is closure. I need to feel like I did something with my time other than piss my family off.

The end of my 100 days will be met with a sigh of relief. But I will also feel a little lost, I think. I'm going to try to not write about sadness and grief for the next 100 days, and focus on happy memories of my Mom. And my crafting and cooking, of course.

Well, let's just get through the next 9 days and see what happens with my cork map. One step at a time.