On The Road Again

Dave and I have taken the kids on yet another one of our road trips. This time we're heading to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with Grandad and Grandma Morgan in North Carolina. (Can you say barbecue ribs? Oh, yeah.)
We decided to leave our house at the crack of dawn last Tuesday, which meant skipping a much needed coffee stop at Starbucks. As we pulled out of our driveway, I could tell that this decision was a really stupid one. Skip coffee just to get a jump on the traffic? How dumb is that? We still hit traffic and my hands were shaking by the time we made our way into New Jersey.

Everywhere I turned, there were signs that my body needed caffeine.

We finally pulled off the highway and got whatever coffee we could find.

The halfway point for us is Washington, D.C. I have a soft spot for the cafeteria food at the National Museum of the American Indian (is that weird?) so we decided to stop and stretch our legs.

This is the Historical Society of Washington. I really love this building.

This is an octopus at the National Aquarium. (Note to self: the National Aquarium is not free nor worth the $30 we paid in admission fees. What a rip off.) We spent 15 minutes in this place. Tiny and horrible. I took a picture of this octopus despite the "NO PHOTOGRAPHS" sign above the tank. I needed to feel like I got my money's worth, so there!

Here's the Washington Monument, which we were unable--again, and for the 4th time--to get tickets for. Seriously, what's wrong with us? Why can't we remember to get tickets for this thing?

And the last shot we took in Washington was of my son eating a man on the horizon:

Here are a few shots taken as we traveled south on Interstate 95:

More to come...