This Ain't High Art, Buddy

Someone accused me of having a "high art" phase at the moment. To this person I say, "High art?? Really? That's what you consider a wallet made out of a Trader Joe's brownie baking mix bag?"

Here is the original packaging.

A little clear packing tape to make the surface waterproof, some sky blue Duck brand duct tape, and-- voila!--a wallet is born.

I've been trolling around my home for more Shade the Changing Man inspiration. Newspaper bin, magazine rack, the linen closet, the kitchen pantry--no place is sacred. I feel like there are so many interesting graphics out there, which really helps me since I can't draw very well.

A few months ago, I bought some pillowcases that were marked down to the "so cheap you have to buy it even though you don't need or want it" price at my local Home Goods store. And they had been sitting in my linen closet ever since. I imagined them giving me dirty looks every time I went in there to grab a clean towel. So guess what I did?

I used one of the pillowcases as the lining for this wallet. For the outside material I used black 3M duct tape.

So while it may not really be a high art phase I'm going through, I'm certainly experiencing a crafty phase. Maybe it's the crazy weather here in New York that keeps me indoors and somewhat chained to my work table, but I am churning out a lot of "stuff."

Speaking of crazy weather, today the kids stayed home from school AGAIN. I am considering home-schooling them at this point. Just kidding. That would require me to actually know math and the English language rather than simply possess opinions on these subjects.

This is the fourth snow day that the kids' school has used this calendar year. In addition to school closings, there have been two delayed openings and one early dismissal. I am sure that I am not the only mother who is feeling like her kids have suddenly regressed to the nursery school years. Back when my daughter and son were newly toilet-trained humanoids, I kept the peace in our house with oatmeal raisin cookies. And after my daughter harumphed at me for forcing her to practice the clarinet and my son rolled his eyes at me for not helping him figure out how to fix his video game, I made oatmeal raisin cookies. Because I didn't want to reach for that beer before lunchtime.

I loaded my cookies with my ultimate guilty pleasure: dark chocolate. And I made sure there was plenty to go around.

Yes, dark chocolate. It is quite possibly the answer to all my problems. So bring it on, Mother Nature!