19 & 20 Days 'Til 40 (The Truth And An Earth Day Project)

Okay, I haven't been completely honest with everyone: I've been really sick these past 5 days and finally saw my doctor last Friday. As a result, I'm on antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray. Yes, I admit to feeling a thousand times better now that I'm medicated, but I really thought that I could avoid the prescription drug route. I truly believed that my own body could find a way to heal itself.
You bet that I'm more than a little disappointed to discover that I can't avoid a bad cold every winter no matter how many times I wear those extra layers of clothing, don a hat and scarf indoors, wash my hands every chance I get, and consume gobs of vitamin C. This October, before the first chilly night can make my nose cold, I'm going straight to my doctor and demand drugs--lots and lots of drugs. Because catching a cold during the winter is INEVITABLE and I just have to accept it.

Boo, reality.

Because I was in and out of consciousness for most of the weekend, I didn't post the usual daily nattering on my blog. I also left a HUGE mess in my work room that was initially and vociferously credited to my children. When I realized that I was the offending party responsible for the mounds of thread balls all over the floor and the dog eared magazines strewn across the table and chair, Masana and Mack stood tall and indignant. Today I put extra ginger cookies in their lunch boxes as a mea culpa. Let's hope they don't hold grudges for much longer.

Life goes on. I have lots to do this week, and hopefully it doesn't include baking more cookies to bribe my kids into forgiving me.

Tomorrow I will start an Earth Day paper quilt project with Masana's fourth grade class. The design for the quilt is an easy one, and if you're interested in using it, please be my guest. I drew a globe, scanned it, and then imported it into an Adobe InDesign document that measured 48 inches wide by 40 inches high. I then divided the document into 8-inch squares that will be copied onto tracing paper.

Each child will be given an 8-inch square cut from a brown paper bag. They will also be assigned one square of the design and transfer their part of the design onto the brown paper bag. Using magazines, newspapers, and other printed paper bound for the recycle bin, they will cut out colors that we will assign the picture and glue it in the appropriate places: blue for the ocean, green and brown for the land masses, yellow and white for the "R" words, dark green and black for "Earth Day," green for the recycle symbol, and red for the background. I'll go back on Thursday to help them embroider and sew the paper squares together, add a border, and put a backing. Yikes, it sounds complicated, doesn't it? But I promise that it really isn't.

I'll put more photos up tomorrow so you can see the progress of our paper quilt.