23 Days 'Til 40 (Brooklyn Brewery!)

Aren't they pretty?
Brooklyn Brewery beer holds a special place in my heart. Yes, I'm aware of it's uber status among the self-entitled hipsters that have overrun the borough, but a good brew in a pretty package transcends my disdain for these modern day carpetbaggers. (Why can't they just stick to Pabst Blue Ribbon?)

In addition to saving Brooklyn Brewery bottle caps with that seductive cursive B, I also like to keep the cartons. And when I look at my substantial stash, my sense memory takes over. The six pack of lager? Consumed with tostadas served with fresh guacamole. The IPA? Had that while watching a month's worth 30 Rock episodes one night. The chocolate stout? I had a hankering for a vanilla ice cream float avec biere.

Today I made a book using the lager carton. I had to cut out the logo in the circle, rotate it 90 degrees, and sew it back on. It's constructed the same way as the Miller High Life book I made yesterday. I think it turned out well.

Of course when I look at this book, I can almost taste the meal I ate with the lager. It was a chicken cutlet with marinated artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese shavings, served on a warm baguette. Mmm.