25 Days 'Til 40 (An N.C. Wyeth Dream)

A shot of icy cherry goodness. Let the dreams commence.
Aches and chills and a really bad headache. That's what has come over me. I covered the couch with my body for most of the day, limbs splayed and head buried in the corner. I cough, therefore I am. Or I am the cough. La toux m'est.

In and out of consciousness, under the influence of Nyquil. But in my distorted daydreams, I was  in an N.C. Wyeth painting, riding in the back of a red truck and looking out towards cotton candy clouds against a brilliant blue sky. Red truck. Mmmmm.

The painting on the label only looks like it could be an N.C. Wyeth
painting. But it's not, so don't go telling people that I said
Red Truck has one of his paintings on the label.
Ever have the stuff? Great table red. Around $10 a bottle. Dependable. They make a cabernet and a pinot noir.

But I digress. I need rest. See you tomorrow.