27 & 28 Days 'Til 40 (Weekend Affirmations)

I've been sick all weekend. And there's nothing more to say, really. Well, except...
that NOT being well can affect everything around you, especially when you can't sleep. The cough medications I've taken make me drowsy, but I wake up every two hours.  I'm on the same sleep schedule as a newborn. If I had the same responsibilities as a newborn, then this wouldn't be a problem. And when I can't perform even the menial tasks around the house, I begin to doubt my place in the world.

Woe is me, for my name is woe. I'm throwing a pity party and you're invited.

Last week my friend gave me a small packet of handmade compliments. Yes, this is not an ordinary gift, but then my friend is no ordinary person. She happens to be a very talented, creative, smart, and funny person: the amazing illustrator and writer Charise Harper. And while I was wasting away in my bed this morning, I spotted the packet on the edge of the chair beside me. I read through the six compliments over and over again, admiring not only the pretty design but the phrases she chose. Here they are with my inner monologue:

You Are Thoughtful! (Okay, I think so, too.)

You Are Amazing! (Really??)

You Are Wonderful! (Aw, shucks.)

You Are Lovely! (What a nice thing to say!)

You Are A Good Friend! (And so are you!)

You Have Good Ideas! (I'm going to tell Dave that you think I have good ideas. He never believes me...)

Charise: thank you for my compliments. They made me feel like Stuart Smalley, the Saturday Night Live sketch character created by Al Franken back in the early 90's.

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it! People like me.