31 Days 'Til 40 (Cheap Kits and Cake Box Books)

The kids were home with me today. School was closed because of a teachers' conference in the district. I thought that an upside down tomato kit bought on a whim from the Christmas Tree Shop would keep them occupied and out of trouble. And it did for about 10 seconds. The kids' happy chatter about fresh tomatoes on their pizzas was cut short when we realized that the kit turned out to be just a plastic pot with a lid, some dirt disks, and seeds--the teeniest seeds I've ever seen. The seeds were so small that when I opened the foil package, I thought it was empty. I ran my finger along the inside of the packaging and felt what I initially thought was lint. But of course they were seeds. Hmm. I know the kit was only $6.99, but was I wrong to be so optimistic? I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

Speaking of optimism, I guess you can say hoarders are the most optimistic people on the face of the earth. They save and save and save, constantly thinking that they can reuse something at a later time. While I am not a full blown hoarder, I do have hoarding tendencies. (Now why does that sentence sound dirty?)

I've been saving cake mix boxes for about a year now, which is not as horrible as it sounds. The truth is that I don't really use cake mix because I like to bake from scratch. But did I mention how I am a crackhead addicted to pretty packaging? The Duncan Hines cake mix box is an iconic design that I just can't resist. So every now and then, I buy it just so I can have the box. And a year's worth for me only yielded six boxes.

I made six books today with these cake mix boxes, chip board, and brown matte kraft paper. I felt productive and, more importantly, I finally got rid of those cake boxes. Now what to do with all those beer cartons I have. And let me tell you, a year's worth of beer cartons for me is NOT something to sneeze at!