34/35 Days 'Til 40 (In The 'Mood')

My weekend began with an impromptu Saturday morning trip into the city for some supplies. I hit two stores in the Fashion District: Mood for a few yards of black corduroy and Toho Shoji for clasps, earring findings, and jump rings. For anyone who watches Project Runway on television, Mood is the singular fabric store the contestants are allowed to shop in and it can be surprising to see how calm the place really is.
The frenzied montages that you see on the show, of stressed out contestants jogging down the aisles with furled up brocades or cotton jerseys on their shoulders, were conspicuously absent. There was just a handful of shoppers, each thoughtfully taking a corner and rubbing the woven fibers between the thumb and and index finger. After taking a self guided tour of the facility, I concluded that I knew absolutely nothing about fabric. What I thought was faux suede turned out to be corduroy. And that roll of stuff that looked like tyvek? Rip cord nylon. Don't even ask me what I thought the faux fur was. I kept my epiphanies to myself, hoisted a roll of my desired fabric over one shoulder, took confident strides to the cutting table, and betrayed nothing of my fashion ignorance.

A quick note on Toho Shoji: this place rocks if you're looking for jewelry making supplies. But then again, there are other shops within a block radius that are also amazing. One that may be a little more well-known is M&J Trimming, located one block north of Toho Shoji on 6th Avenue. You can spend hours in this part of town if you like to make stuff.

I know that I mentioned tools in my last blog post, but it's the weekend and I have a lot to say about tools. So I'll save that for tomorrow when I'm more in the mood.