36 Days 'Til 40 (The Beauty of Graphic Design)

I am an addict of pretty graphics, a crackhead easily swayed by eye candy designed and produced by other, more talented people. I clip advertisements that are crammed with vivid color and imagery. I ooh and aah over magazines like WIRED where the inventive illustrations and font usage get more attention than the ads. I thumb through the weekend newspaper anticipating the front cover art for each section, usually oversized and brilliantly juxtaposed with carefully phrased headlines.

There are times when I get caught up with one particular graphic and must have multiples of it. One of the reasons I drink Brooklyn Brewery beer is because I really like the bottle caps. Between the summer of 2008 and the summer of 2009, I solely drank Harpoon beer for the same reason. I suppose this makes me a sucker for any metal bottle cap with singular letter on it. My bottle cap collection is full of shiny, pretty things that make me smile whenever I look at it. Sometimes I make buttons out of them, but for the most part they are waiting for some divine inspiration.

My latest obsession is the old Starbucks logo on a coffee cup holder. When I found out that the logo was changing, I asked all my coffee-drinking friends to please (please!) save their coffee cup holders for me until the old logo was completely phased out. I can't stand the new logo. Am I alone in this? Does anyone else think the new logo is an abomination? Maybe it looks better on a cup or a bag, but not the cup holder. I liked the mermaid framed inside a solid circular line because it looked like a stamp of approval. And she was like Gaia bestowing coffee goodness to us poor retched souls. Now she's homeless, wandering about, and the new logo resembles a missing person's headshot.

Well, you can see where this is going. I verge on being that person, that hoarder who cannot part with a ridiculous piece of refuse because she sees beauty where another (more sane) person sees garbage. All I can say is thank goodness I've got some skills. (Or as we say in the 'hood, I've got skillz...) And tools--let's not forget about tools. I'll write about that tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me share.