9 Days 'Til 40 (Duct Tape Is The Answer)

This morning I wanted to throw Kenmore across the room. His gears were jamming up, the thread kept breaking, and I had to take him apart. The paper quilt project was nearly complete and Kenmore decided to throw a tantrum at the 11th hour. Not even a tall nonfat latte could make things right with this tempestuous piece of machinery.

Oh, Kenmore. Why has thou forsaken me?

In the end, I decided to glue the final bits together and use duct tape for the backing. Since Kenmore was having a diva moment, I had to find other ways to get this thing done. Duct tape has always proven to be the answer to most of my little problems, and today was no different.

And by 10:45 am I was sitting in front of my daughter's classroom, waiting for the kids to return from an assembly. I was trying to stand thing up for a glamour shot when I heard the gasps of delight from a few of the kids.

This was an incredible project and I'll post the instructions for it later this month.

This paper quilt will be hanging in the window of REcologie in Larchmont, NY on Earth Day, April 22. Please come by and see it!