Let's Play Catch Up

For the past last month I have been obsessed with duct tape bags again.

This little beauty is something I like to call "British Punk Rock," though there may be some fashionistas out there that will recognize the tartan as something other than. (Uh, oh...)

My sewing machine Kenmore does not like the sticky mess of duct tape. In fact, he despises it. Two broken needles and a full dismantling delayed the completion of this bag by almost a week. There were times when I picked Kenmore up and walked him over to the garbage can, threatening to toss him out in favor of a fancier model. But I eventually came to my senses, and felt ridiculous for losing my grip on reality. (He's just a machine, damnit!)

I've switched materials. No more duct tape. And no more insanity!

Anyway, here are more shots of the finished bag which you can purchase at REcologie in Larchmont, NY:

I've also updated my Etsy store a little bit and hope to add more things by the end of this month. So please check it out.

I've been cooking a lot, too.

I forgot to take a picture after the meatballs were cooked! Oops.

Curried chicken legs with tomato and cilantro over basmati rice:
The chicken legs were broiled in the oven.

And steak sandwiches topped with sauteed onions, garlic, wilted greens and melted provolone cheese on a toasted baguette with melted provolone cheese:
After I sauteed the onions and garlic, I removed 70% of it and then added the greens for a quick wilting.

I have some recipes rolling around my head, so maybe I can write them down next time.

Until then!