ReadyMade magazine/Ben & Jerry's Pint Challenge

I made this cooler/briefcase for the Readymade magazine/Ben & Jerry's pint challenge. Vote for me!

I spent the last two weeks eating ice cream, emptying all the pretty containers and sketching out the design of my cooler/briefcase. And while I am paying for it in more ways than I care to share with anyone (hello, fat jeans!), my daughter and I had fun tasting all the different flavors from Vermont's Finest (ice cream, that is). Red Velvet Cake and Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack topped our list.

Here are more shots of the cooler/briefcase:

Top view.

Close up of front. I gave the Jimmy Fallon-inspired Late Night Snack prominent placement. I heart Jimmy.

Close up of the handle. 

Back of the cooler/briefcase. I couldn't resist adding a little duct tape.

Inside of the cooler/briefcase. Yes, it's insulated!

Please vote for me!

A few things I'd like to mention in this post.

I found out last week that my favorite magazine ReadyMade will close up shop. I was more sad than angry to hear the news. It makes me wonder about the future of DIY. More thoughts on this when I can fully digest the consequences.

Duncan Hines re-designed their cake boxes. What the heck?? I absolutely hate it. The changes were meant to be subtle ones, but it lost so much of its character. The result is a dull, boring box.

You might be wondering why I care so much about Duncan Hines cake mix boxes. For the past 4 years I've been making journals out of them. I had one last retro style cake box left in my stash and made this book.

I may put it under my pillow and pray for the cake box fairy to come. Or maybe I'll frame it so I can gaze upon it from time to time and remember the good ole days of Duncan Hines cake boxes. But the one thing I am sure of is this: I will not sell it.

I'm feeling my age and the prospect of change makes me crotchety. I'm mourning the loss of my favorite magazine and the cake box designs of yore.

But, hey, at least there's Ben & Jerry's. I can always find comfort in a pint of their good stuff, inside and out.