A Fresh Take On a Failed Concept

For the last few months I've been making these letter cards from newspaper and dishwashing detergent boxes. I tried selling them as blank notecards at flea markets, but so far not one has sold. When given the opportunity to hold and examine one up close, a potential buyer would admire it and spew compliments that inflated my ego. But then the card would return to its spot on the display table and the "potential buyer" would turn into the "buyer that got away". (Aw.)

Recently on a rainy afternoon, my kids were playing with the letter cards, spreading them out on the living room floor and arranging them into words like Scrabble tiles. I usually protest when they use my stuff as their playthings, but watching them inspired me. 

I made this for my friend Charise and I think it turned out well. 

I'll be participating in a few holiday craft fairs and flea markets between now and Christmas, so I'm hoping these letters can work their way into another more successful retail item. Hmm, maybe holiday banners?

Stay tuned...