Wine Crate Portfolio Case

My apologies for being largely absent these last two weeks. (And my apologies for using a cute baby picture of my now ten year old daughter to draw your attention in--but she is cute, isn't she??) I am gearing up for two holiday craft fairs and my hands have been busy, busy, busy.

Recently I had to put together my portfolio and came across a HUGE problem: most of my work is not flat. A traditional portfolio case would not fit anything I've done. My incredibly talented friend Charise Harper (illustrator, children's book writer, all-around creative guru) came over my house yesterday and said, "Why don't you just make a portfolio case?" And after looking around my dining room she spotted an empty wine crate and handed it to me. "Make it out of this."

And I did! I added a hardboard lid and covered it with an old NYC map I found at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market a month ago. I also used buckles, brackets, screws, and wing nuts that were salvaged from a broken desk, bag, or lamp. But I couldn't avoid a trip to the local hardware store for hinges and a handle.

Here is a little video of my (mostly) finished portfolio case:

Thank you, Charise! You are a genius.