My Kid Makes Me Laugh

You see this guy? This is my son's G.I. Joe action figure. Mack posed him in this ridiculous karate/yoga stance to get my attention. He carefully balanced stacks of UNO cards in Joe's (kung fu?) grip, stood back, and waited for me to come into the room. I was in my usual crazed morning state, trying to remember where I last saw my house keys and picking up dirty socks that clearly did not belong to me. And when I whirled in like the Tasmanian Devil there was Joe, threatening to whack me with fistfuls of UNO cards. I laughed so hard that tears collected in the corners of my eyes. Mack laughed with me, and we were reduced to two speechless/barely breathing hyenas rolling on the floor. Now that's the way I want to start my day.

Mack has an awesome sense of humor and I often wish he would try to draw cartoons, but he feels like he can't draw well. He sometimes will collaborate with a like-minded friend and come up with really interesting characters and concepts, like "Mr. Mustachio is a Maniac" and "Mama On The Moon." Sounds like something you want to read, right? But the collaboration usually ends with Mack feeling like his vision has been tampered with and he moves on to other things.

I recently found this scribbled onto a piece of scrap paper. While I think it relates to skills associated with basketball, I had a hard time with the "butt slapping." Is this a skill that all basketball players must master?? Again, I laughed at my son's sense of humor. Mack may feel like he can't draw well, but I love his pictures, especially when he's trying to illustrate an action.

I kept the paper because it makes me laugh. Since I'm alone during the day, I need a pick me up that doesn't involve alcohol. This depiction of butt slapping brings a smile to my face and immediately my mood lightens up.

Do your kids do funny things to make you laugh?