30 Days 'til BEA: Obsessed With Bags

I'm in a frenzy at the moment. I have 30 days to prepare for an event that seemed unlikely a year ago: my demo at the Book Expo America! Some of you may be asking, "What is the Book Expo America?" It's an annual international book fair that is held in the US at the end of May/beginning of June. While there are other international book fairs (there are ones in London and Frankfurt, for example), the BEA is probably the most well-attended. The site of the BEA used to rotate among several major cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, but it has been held in New York City for the last ten years or so. Which makes sense since most publishing companies are based in NYC.

It's a bit surreal because I've attended this book fair many times as an employee of a publishing company. (Okay, many different publishing companies, but who's counting?) And now, instead of promoting other authors, I'm going to promote---ME! I'll be doing a duct tape crafting demo on Thursday, May 30th, at 2 PM. I'm asking all well-wishers to send me some positive vibes on the day of. And if you are attending the BEA, please come to my demo!

In addition to putting together materials for the duct tape crafting demo, I'm making a kick-ass bag that my publisher will raffle off during the BEA. It will be filled with goodies including a copy of my book TAPE IT & MAKE IT, several  rolls of duct tape, and crafting tools. Today I'm working with my all-time favorite tape to experiment with: a blue and white chevron print made by Platypus. I've made a pleated fabric and paired it with orange duct tape trim. The combination of these two colors/patterns is incredibly soothing to me and I've used it a number of times. I hope the bag turns out well, though I'm sure that it won't be the final one that I send in. I'll probably make at least three different bags before deciding which one looks best. Here is what I have so far:

I'm thinking of adding brass grommets to give it a little umph. Let's see what tomorrow brings...