1 Day 'til BEA: Flowers and Bags

I made this flower while watching my son's baseball game. And while I was cutting this and taping that, my fellow baseball parents kept tabs on the progress of not only the game but my flower. It's, er, a little too big for my hair. I think that this is a craft fail despite how pretty it looks in this pic. Iphone camera apps are pretty awesome, arent' they? A crappy flower can look like a million bucks with just the right frame and filter.

If I do wind up wearing this in my hair, I probably won't wear any of my duct tape necklaces. This makes me sad, especially since I got a little obsessed with the whole process and made 7 different necklaces. Oh, well. Maybe I'll sell them around the holidays. It's never too early to start stocking up my wares.

I made a second duct tape Tom Cruise bag. This wasn't necessary since I already have a fairly kick-ass TC messenger bag but I wanted a smaller one for my trip to the BEA. I have a tendency to bring a lot of stuff if my bag is big. Knowing this about myself, I thought it best to bring a small bag. But my TC messenger bag happens to be my good luck charm, my source of mojo for any public events. So I made  a half-size version, hoping that my labor of love will grant me success tomorrow.

One last thing: I am a guest blogger on Clippings In The Shed, author Francine LaSala's blog. Throughout the entire month of May, Francine has invited many of her writer friends to submit a story about being a mom. I slightly veered off the topic and wrote about my high school biology teacher and my kids learning a little impersonation I do whenever I duct tape craft. Check it out if you can.

Okay, off to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a hot, sticky mess in the NYC area, and but I'm going to be one cool cucumber at the Javits Center. Wish me luck at BEA!