10 Days 'til BEA: An Afternoon in Roxbury

Today I made my way to the Roxbury section of Boston. I was teaching a duct tape crafting workshop at the Dudley branch of the Boston Public Library, and it was fun as usual.

Tatiana and Smyrne were my new duct tape crafters, but these two young ladies have a lot of other creative outlets and barely needed my help. Smyrne talked about upcycling various old clothing and other objects while Tatiana said she knitted. So how did they do with the sticky stuff? Well, I think they did great! So did Akunna the teen librarian who joined us and made a great little purse. We talked a lot about the different jewelry that can be made out of duct tape. I showed them pictures of my necklaces and got maybe a little too excited about making accessories. But they seemed to take it all in, especially the manic hand gestures I used while describing long feather earrings. Sorry, ladies. I'm just a duct tape geek.

After I finished packing up my things, two young ladies came by and wanted to do a little crafting. I had given my extra tape and some other materials to Akunna for any teens who couldn't make it to my workshop but wanted to give duct tape crafting a try. As I slung my huge bag over my shoulder, I heard Akunna giving the ladies instructions on how to make a wallet. Tatiana and Smyrne proudly held up their own wallets to show the new girls what they made.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw and heard what was going on.  I thought to myself, "Ah, more converts to the duct tape cause!" Maybe I didn't get a bigger turnout than I wanted, but I knew that there were three individuals who would now get other people interested in duct tape crafting.

My job here in Roxbury is done!