11 (and 12) Days 'til BEA: Switching Gears

This weekend I took a break from my obsessive bag and necklace making, because I needed to give my hands a break. While I did make this flower and a pair of bi-fold wallets for these adorable twin boys, I mostly stayed away from my studio.

I did go supply shopping today at A.I. Friedman. Tomorrow I am going to Boston again for the day and needed more duct tape. I'm crafting with the kids at the Dudley branch of the Boston Public Library and will post pics of our duct tape workshop on Facebook as soon as I'm able.

Yesterday I received my badge to the BEA in the mail! (Thanks, Eric.) When I opened the envelope, I stared at the pass for a few minutes before reality sunk in. I'm going to the BEA as an author and not a spectator or publishing industry worker. An author! ME! It says it right under my name, so it must be true. This is proof to anyone who has ever doubted me. (Gee, I sound so insecure; but then again, I am a writer.)

Oh, and don't think that I won't imbed this thing in translucent resin and or decoupage it to a tabletop when I'm done with it. (For posterity, you see.) Check back with me in mid-June to see how it's upcycled. I don't call myself Crafty Richela for nothing. Okay, I know self-anointed nicknames do not portend actual character traits, but this one is definitely true on so many levels.

Good night!