13 Days 'til BEA: Making Necklaces

I made two duct tape necklaces today!

The first one was a little easier since I was still working with the orange linen color from the two previous necklaces. It came together quickly as I strung rectangle duct tape pieces to some brown embroidery floss. I cut fringes into each piece. When I put it on, I was able to see that it lacked shape:


My problem was solved by trimming down the larger sections at the center of the necklace.

For the second necklace I took the advice of my daughter Masana and used green and white linen duct tape.

It started out like this:

It felt incomplete, so I kept adding to it. I gave it wood grain printed tape pieces, but it still looked wrong. It looked over designed. There was too much going on!

Eventually I got it right.

Thank goodness for a little perseverance! I was about to give up when my son Mack asked me why I was using the wood grain tape. It dawned on me that maybe I was trying too hard to make it work. Once I replaced the wood grain pieces with green ones, my design suddenly came into focus.

Which brings me to tomorrow and my duct tape goals for the weekend: flowers. I'll be making flowers for BEA, lots and lots of duct tape beauties to display in a duct tape vase. Wish me luck!