14 Days 'til BEA: Road Trip To Mattapan And Gaffigan In My Head

Today I drove to Boston and back. The reason for my 3 1/2 hour journey (both ways) was a duct tape crafting workshop at the Mattapan branch (of the Boston Public Library). Click on the pic to see more photos from today's event.

It's always an honor and privilege to enter a community and craft with their kids--or, I should say, young adults. They were mostly 8th graders and towered over me. Thank goodness they were sitting down around a table instead of standing up. It's hard to give instructions if I can't make eye contact!

Okay, now I have to make a confession about today's long and boring drive. I ate a Big Mac--and I loved it! In my normal life, I stay away from fast food and I haven't been to a McDonald's in seven years. But when I hit the 3rd hour of my Boston drive, I heard the comedian Jim Gaffigan's voice telling me how delicious McDonald's hamburgers are. (If you are familiar with his stand-up routine, he's a man obsessed with foods like Hot Pockets and fast food chains like Waffle House and McDonald's.) After spotting the golden arches from a distance, I exited off the highway and found the nearest McDonald's.

No, I didn't even try the "healthy" McWrap. It was a Big Mac all the way--and it was fan-tastic. I would say it was finger lickin' good, but I don't want to mix up my fast food slogans.

That was several hours ago. And I'm still awake because I can feel it working through my intestines. (Ouch.) It will probably be another 7 years until my next Big Mac purchase, but I don't regret one single bite!