16 Days 'til BEA: Duct Tape Necklace

Today's project was inspired by a paper bead bracelet from my book THE GREEN CRAFTER--which was actually inspired by paper rosary beads I found at a craft fair many years ago.

This is the bracelet. I used magazine paper to make the beads:

To make the paper beads, you need to cut long triangular strips and roll them around a bamboo skewer while applying wet glue. Once the glue dries, you should be able to slip the beads off the skewer and string them together.

Through trial and error, I discovered that you can use duct tape to make beads, too. It basically involves the same instructions, cutting long triangular strips and rolling them to make a bead.

I used paper clips to wrap the bead around. You attach the paper clip to the growing chain first, then wrap the duct tape strip around it. And when you have the desired length, you can add a tassel or charm.

Not too shabby!