17 Days 'til BEA: Wood Grain Duct Tape

Can you believe this is duct tape?

This is a wood grain print from the Platypus duct tape line by Fortis Design. And I absolutely LOVE this tape. At first I used it as only accents on bigger pieces, especially with my bags. Then I decided to use it for a faux wood look on a lantern:


This lantern is actually one of the new projects in my next duct tape crafting book, TAPE IT & MAKE MORE. When I first sent this picture to my editor, he was a little skeptical. A duct tape lantern? So I sent it to him. And when he saw the actual lantern, I (or perhaps it) won him over.

When I made this flower today, I did so as an homage to the wooden flowers that my Mom had around our home. They were from the Philippines and she displayed them next to the dead/stuffed (can I say this??) fighting cocks (that were also from the motherland). I cringe when I think about how I had to dust those relics. The flowers fell apart and had to be reassembled every time a dust rag touched it. Don't ask about the fighting cocks...

In a fit of nostalgia I did a Google search for wooden flowers. The closest match was this listing on Etsy by RoniSea Vintage (click on pic for a link to the listing):

I'm still searching for that perfect wooden flower. Until then I'll keep making them out of my current favorite duct tape.