18 (and 19) Days 'til BEA: Happy Mother's Day!

My son Mack's latest installation piece entitled, "MOM."
Yes, those are his feet.
Today is Mother's Day! So Happy Mother's Day to anyone who is a mom, a grandmother, a godmother, a foster mother, a step mother, or even a den mother! We all deserve breakfast in bed that we don't have to clean up later.

I spent the morning watching my daughter Masana play a great game of softball. During the 3rd inning, she was up at bat and crushed the ball, shooting it past the opposing team's short stop and third baseman for a monster triple. And as she landed on third base, she smiled and pointed at me as if to say, "this one's for you, Mom."

I usually don't get misty during a softball game, but she made me so proud! And since I am not sure what direction Masana's softball career will go in (Little League World Series?? High school Varsity team?? College?? ), I soaked in the moment as if we were at the Olympics (oh, please bring it back, IOC!). Sure, she was only standing on third base, but in my mind's eye Masana was on the podium at the medal ceremony, and she pointed at me as the National Anthem filled the airwaves. Me! Her mother in the stands. It didn't matter that there were only 5 other people sitting with me. I stood up and clapped!

So how did I commemorate this Olympic size moment? By having a very indulgent meal at BLT Steak. And, yes, I had a glass of wine.

Cork wine bottle by Masana. (Digital re-touching by Masana!)

Happy Mother's Day!