2 (and 3, 4, and 5) Days 'til BEA: Weekend Games and My Letter Banner

My kids are all-stars! They both made their respective all star teams and I spent yesterday shuttling between their two games. The Little League gods frowned upon us and scheduled both games for 10:00 AM. I was able to hoop and holler at the start of my daughter Masana's game, then make the last 3 innings of Mack's game 1 1/2 miles away. 

By the end of the morning I was tired, but my sister, her family, my sports-loving cousin, and my Dad had come to the games, too. They were hungry and ready for a little barbecue action. So we spent the afternoon dining on grilled rib steaks, shrimp, girelle pasta with arrabbiata sauce, and corn. If it weren't for my son's unquenchable need to throw a ball around, we would have been napping in various nooks around my house.

I spent today prepping for my BEA presentation. We are going to make flowers and I cut 16 individual azalea petal patterns. And I also decided to make this letter banner for the display table:

I've already placed it in my bag so I won't forget it.

Tomorrow I'll decide on the necklace and hair flower for my outfit. Decisions, decisions.