20 Days 'til BEA: Finding An Old (Duct Tape Bag) Friend

Look what I found!

Last year I made this messenger bag. If you live or have lived in New York City, you will recognize the design as a partial subway map. And if you really must know, I got tired after laying out 3 of the subway lines and stopped. I still used the bag despite its incomplete map, though I had to explain more than once what the design was--or was supposed to be.

A few months later it was replaced by my Tom Cruise bag and I didn't give it another thought. I think it was Tom's eyes (quite hypnotic if I say so myself) that made me forget all about my subway bag. But today I found it hanging on the back of my studio door. While that may not sound like a difficult place to spot it, you must consider the four other bags that were stuck in front of it. I re-discovered my subway bag only when I bumped into the door and knocked the other bags down.

I may take my subway bag out for a little jaunt tomorrow. Can't wait for someone to ask, "what is that??"