23 Days 'til BEA: A Busy Day

I can't help myself and perhaps an intervention is needed.

I made another duct tape bag. But in my defense I had to see if the houndstooth pattern duct tape in my possession was still viable. Someone told me that a roll of tape dries up if you don't use it after a while, but the definition of "a while" was never given. Was it a month, a year, or longer? What was "a while?" My roll of houndstooth had been in my bin for almost two years, a material forgotten after a project started going south. I threw out the cockeyed duct tape thingamajig but kept the remainder of the roll.

Well, the tape was still usable. And look how pretty my bag is! And when my publisher politely asked (through somewhat gritted teeth??) if I finished the bag for my BEA promotion, my response was that I had not one but FOUR bags for them to choose from. I sent them the photos of the bags and...the consensus was that the first bag was the best one. (What??)

Oh, no. I wasted over a week making these bags. I should have stopped after making the first one. Well, at least I know have three kick-ass new bags to play around with.

This evening I went to White Plains to run a duct tape crafting workshop. I had a decent turnout plus quite a few moms stayed to craft, too. How incredible is that? The power of duct tape is ever growing and I hope that it will finally be recognized by more adults as a crafting material. It ain't just for kids, people!

If you want to see some of the great stuff we made tonight, you can check out my photo album on Facebook by clicking on the photo below.