24 Days 'til BEA: Bag Numero Tres

I wanted to make a simple bag today, so I chose a white linen printed duct tape: a clean, bright, and classy look that is the signature of summer style. I don't know about you, but I'm soooo ready for the summer.

The shape of my bags lately have been these large squarish things, so I tried to add more curves to this one. But despite my deliberate swerves along the top edges, I still ended up with a rectangular bag. Oh, well.

It came together pretty quickly and I was finished with the main construction in less than an hour. For the closure I used a jeans button, which I bought in bulk over a year ago. I'm still working through my bag of 250! 

It still looked a little rough, so I added some wood grain duct tape "piping":

So far this is my favorite bag--but then again, I always say that about the last bag I make!  

Tomorrow I have a crafting workshop at the White Plains Public Library. Not sure how many kids will show up, but I am hoping to make duct tape piggy banks using empty tape rolls. I only have enough for 8 kids. Hmmm. It would be nice if the class were full, but duct tape piggy banks are so cute! We shall see...