25 Days 'til BEA: No Moms In The Dugout!

Today was spent watching my kids play ball from the bleachers. Some parents may complain about wasting their precious weekends on spectator duty for every little game, but I happen to enjoy it.

It was painful when they were really little and I often wondered--sometimes working my outer monologue rather than my inner one--on the necessity of organized sports at such a young age. There were other parents that regarded me as ignorant and I was shunned. "Don't talk to that one," I could hear someone say behind me, "she hates sports." While that was a gross exaggeration of how I felt,  I was fine to be left alone.

Over the last seven years, I have learned the rules and understand the lingo. I know what to say and when to say it. And most of all, I try not to embarrass my kids (much). I stay behind the gate, away from the players and coaches, and avoid getting emotionally invested in every little ball or strike.