26 Days 'til BEA: I Believe In Unicorns

Yesterday my grommet kit was returned to me. Hurray! So I was able to complete the first bag...or maybe not?

I think it looks nice, but am now considering some tassels for a closure. Which means that I'm not really done. Oh, no!

Someone stop me before I add too many details to this bag. Why is it so hard to say that I'm finished with a project? I know that I'm not the only one who does this, keep making "improvements" until the whole thing looks like crap. If someone out there can give me a mantra or trick to save me from myself, I would be forever grateful. Right now I'll have to sit on my hands...or maybe start another bag? My latest shipment of tape arrived so I have stacks of unopened duct tape sitting on my work table. I should be happy, but the call of tassel closures is almost too much to bare. I had to go for multiple walks today to clear my head.

On one of my many walks I spotted this drawing taped to a blossoming cherry tree. Beneath a magical, smiling unicorn a little girl named Ella wrote, "I believe in unicorns. Do you believe in me?"

I believe, Ella. I believe!

Unicorns. Ella. My new mantra.