28 Days 'til BEA: Did I Mention That I'm Getting My BFA??

I have a confession to make.

Every Friday I've been hauling my butt off to school. It's not that I need a college degree--I already have one. But in the twenty (yikes!) years since receiving my BA in history, I can honestly say that it has not given me an edge in my chosen career. So why not pursue another useless degree?

I'm currently learning about color theory. The compositions to the left are based on an Edward Hopper painting and I've tried to mix my paints to either match the original color or use an analagous scheme. Tomorrow I'll be mixing my paints again to re-interpret the same painting using another color scheme. So far I have learned that I love color but hate painting. (Next!)

Some may wonder why I've decided to go back to school. I consider this my mid-life crisis, but it's not entirely selfish. I can share this with my family. My kids love seeing me work in my studio and I show them every assignment I have to complete for class. And everything I've been doing helps me be creative in ways I've never been before, thus actually helping me in my chosen career. As a crafter I'm methodical and exact. As an art student, I may sketch and plan, but I experiment. I see where the process takes me and then repeat it to see if I can get the same results. It's actually making me a better crafter.

Which brings me to my duct tape bags. I finished the green bag (please ignore the mess in my studio):

I'll finish the first bag as soon as I receive my grommet kit back (I loaned it out a few months ago). Right now it's sitting on my shelf, looking pitiful. I'm tempted to throw a towel over it so I don't feel so guilty!